Edited by the Regimental Special Services Officer and written and illustrated by enlisted combat veterans of the Regiment's six months of combat, this regimental history was originally printed in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1945. Mainly a tactical-level account, the book also includes rosters of 397th Infantry Regiment soldiers killed in action, wounded in action, and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star. In the manner of newspaper sports section cartoons of the day, there is also a three-page section which describes and outlines the missions of the other elements of "CT 7" (the 397th Regimental Combat Team), including the 374th Field Artillery Battalion; Company A/325th Engineer Combat Battalion; Company A/325th Medical Battalion; Company A/23rd Tank Battalion; Company B/749th Tank Battalion; Company C/781st Tank Battalion; Companies A and B/776th Tank Destroyer Battalion; Company C/824th Tank Destroyer Battalion.